thesis: space

Presently, I am working on an extended project which looks at "home" both as a conceptual and physical space within the current American paradigm.   I am particularly interested in immigrant stories and artists/projects working with Diaspora themes.  


Since 1991, RIWAQ has recognized the challenging complexities of preserving Palestinian collective memory through projects that document and restore architectural heritage sites across the West Bank and Gaza. Harnessing the energy and skills of students, architects, archaeologists, and historians, RIWAQ embarked on the Registry of Historic Buildings, a thirteen year project (1994-2007) resulting in the publication of three volumes that include detailed histories, maps, and photos of approximately 420 villages in sixteen districts across the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza.


50 villiages



Mashrabiya Project : By Azra Aksamija  Karina Silvest & Claudine Pachnicke


Mashrabiya is a hybrid architectural element revealing the shifting cultural, historical and political dimensions in light of cultural globalization, foregrounding thereby the notion of identity as a process of constant flux and cultural exchange. Mashrabiya is a spiritual, decorative, and functional architectural element that merges the form and function of the Islamic window screen with a conventional jalousie, taking on the materiality of local culture. In its multicultural symbolism and formal references, the project performs as a multicultural signifier connecting multiple histories and geographies into a dynamic spatial experience.